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Tired of taking calls from frustrated store managers related to missing, incorrect or late store signage or marketing collateral? Tired of spending you and your staff’s time and resources to track down and correct issues related to kit content? Tired of missing promotional deadlines because your store signage or marketing collateral arrives late or not at all?

Whether it is one or thousands of store locations Bluestem Integrated’s Print, Pack and Ship program ensures your store signage and marketing collateral is accurately printed, correctly packed and arrives at its destination on-time and on budget. Saving you time, disruption and missed promotional deadlines. Please contact us for more information.

Bluestem Integrated’s Print, Pack and Ship Programs take the burden off you.

  • Bluestem Integrated has deep and broad experience printing, packing and shipping simple kit programs to just a few locations or extremely complex store specific kit programs going to thousands of store locations.
  • Store kits are packed and shipped by an experienced kitting and shipping team with multiple quality control cross checks to ensure kit content is accurate, is going to the correct location and arrives at your store location on-time.
  • Bluestem Integrated is located within a 3-day ground destination from 90+% of the U.S. population. Bluestem has the ability to prioritize shipping destinations from farthest to closest using ground shipping lanes to save freight costs and ensure on-time delivery.

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